Hakushika Junmai Daiginjo

Excellent for pairing with fine Japanese cuisine such as sashimi, tofu dishes, and lightly flavored sauteed poultry, beef and vegetables. Also excellent for fusion and crossover cuisine which uses such traditional Japanese flavors as yuzu citrus, konbu kelp, dashi soup stock and soy sauce.

Hakushika Hana-Kohaku

Excellent for pairing with pork dishes (including pork shabu shabu, hot and sour pork, and sesame flavored yakiniku barbeque) and with desserts (ice cream, sponge cake, and fresh fruit.)

Tozai Ginjo Nigori

Taste: Sake has a refined taste with hints of pear, fresh white rice and licorice.
Aroma: Sake has a pleasant fresh scent with notes of flowers, anise and peach.
Gastronomy: Sake goes well with Japanese, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, and any fish dishes.

Umenishiki Ayame 25

Taste: Umenishiki Ayame 25 has a mild taste, with elegant notes of premium sake.
Aroma: Sake has an exquisite aroma with notes of bread and delicate floral notes.
Gastronomy: Chilled Sake goes well with sushi and sashimi.

Rikubai Daiginjo

Taste: Easy sake with bright game tones of roasted nuts, peanut butter and aged cheese. Surprisingly soft texture. Sake is very easy petsyaya and dominates even on the simplest food, but only impressively underlines Merchant taste of any dish.
Aroma: Very flavorful sake.
Gastronomy: Chilled Sake goes well with sushi and sashimi.